Gas and emergencies

    Do you smell gas in your home or business?

    Call the emergency number immediately

    0800 65065 112

    Are you a contractor?

    Call the emergency number:

    0800 90 102 112

    What do you do if you smell gas?

    If you smell gas, it is important to act quickly and appropriately. A gas leak can lead to serious emergencies and even life-threatening situations. Here are some important steps to take if you smell gas.

    Steps to take when smelling gas

    1. If you smell gas, take it seriously. Gas has a strong and unpleasant odour similar to rotten eggs. If you detect this smell, there is a good chance there is a gas leak.
    2. Immediately turn off all appliances that use gas, including stoves, ovens and heating appliances. Turn off pilot lights and burners.
    3. Do not smoke! Make sure to extinguish all naked flames, such as cigarettes and candles.
    4. Make sure not to create any sparks. Open all windows and doors to ventilate the area. This helps to reduce the concentration of gas and provides more fresh air.
    5. Take care not to press (light) switches or pull any plugs from sockets, as this may cause sparks that could ignite the gas.
    6. Shut the valve to the gas meter without turning on the light.
    7. Immediately leave the building or area where you smell gas. Do not try to locate the gas leak yourself.

    Call the emergency number for gas leaks in your area. In Belgium this is 0800 65065. Go to a safe location away from the building or area and wait for the emergency services.

    Is a gas leak dangerous?

    A gas leak can be dangerous in some situations. In some cases, they can be dangerous at home, at work or in other buildings. Gas leaks can lead to explosions and fires, with all the ensuing consequences. In addition, gas poisoning can occur, which can lead to nausea, dizziness, headache, fainting and even coma.

    If you feel any of these symptoms, call the emergency number immediately: 0800 65065 or 112

    Gas leaks in companies

    For companies specifically, it is important to have a good emergency plan in case of a gas leak. Employees must be aware of the procedures and know how to act in emergency situations. Companies must conduct regular inspections for gas leaks and other hazards.

    Emergency number for contractors

    In case of emergency, contractors in Belgium must call the emergency number 0800 90 102 or the general emergency number 112.

    It is important to know that quick action is essential in case of an emergency. Make sure you are always aware of the emergency procedures and emergency numbers in your area so that you can act quickly and reach the emergency services quickly.

    Fluxys emergency planning

    With a view to limiting the impact of incidents, Fluxys has a crisis team and emergency plans and procedures for both its operational and ICT activities. The central dispatching office also plays a coordinating role in the event of an incident or accident, or if someone reports that they can smell gas.

    Our emergency number 0800 90 102 is available 24/7 for reporting incidents involving, or in the vicinity of, our natural gas transmission infrastructure.

    Emergency planning is covered by our Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) policy. The members of the crisis team take special training courses and we regularly organise emergency plan drills to maintain team responsiveness.