IUK Publishes Latest Charging Statement

IUK has today published its latest Charging Statement which extends the Bespoke Quarterly Incentive from October 2021 to February 2022.  

IUK Shippers can use the Bespoke Quarterly incentive to purchase the following combinations of capacity at IUK’s Quarterly Tariff rather than the individual Monthly Tariffs if the conditions outlined in the IUK Charging Statement are met: 

Aug 21, Sept 21, Oct 21 (1.5p/th UK-BE, 1.1p/th BE-UK)*
Sept 21, Oct 21, Nov 21 (1.5p/th UK-BE, 1.1p/th BE-UK)
Nov 21, Dec 21, Jan 22  (1.5p/th BE-UK, 1.1p/th UK-BE)
Dec 21, Jan 22, Feb 22  (1.5p/th BE-UK, 1.1p/th UK-BE)
 The standard Q1 22 product remains available (1.5p/th BE-UK, 1.1p/th UK-BE)

*Costs excluding the IUK Commodity Charge. 

The incentive will be effective for new bookings made after 08:00 UKT 26 May 2021.

February Monthly capacity will become available via IUK’s Implicit Allocation Mechanism (IAM) on Tuesday 1 June.

For tariff information please see IUK’s latest Charging Statement

In addition, IUK will be publishing the following information over the coming weeks: 

By 4 June: IUK’s binding Multiplier Caps and the IUK Capacity Tariffs for Gas Year 2021/22 (and beyond). 
By 2 July: The IUK Commodity Charge formulae which will apply for Gas Year 2021/22. 

The sale of GY 21-22 IUK Capacity via IAM will be suspended from 4 June to 5 July to allow for the PRISMA Annual Capacity Auction. IAM will become available again on 5 July at 13:00 UKT.