The next step towards the Belgian hydrogen economy

Exploring underground storage of hydrogen

Just as Fluxys pioneered in the storage of natural gas in the 1980s, we are now putting our expertise and innovative power to work exploring the underground storage of hydrogen. The Loenhout site has unique natural conditions that allow us to store large amounts of energy underground. 

With the BE-HyStore pilot project, Fluxys once again proves its innovative edge in the world of storage.



Giant buffer for the energy system

Today, the site in Loenhout offers for balanced security of supply during peak gas consumption times in the cold winter months. The wells are full of natural gas, in the future this could be hydrogen.

Through large-scale underground storage of hydrogen, the demand for energy can be balanced much better with the variable supply from sun and wind. It allows the storage of renewable energy.

Why store hydrogen underground?

The molecule hydrogen (H2) has a key role to play in the decarbonisation of a wide range of industries, and therefore society as a whole.


Laying the groundwork for the energy transition

Geostock confirms that our pilot project for underground injection and storage of hydrogen in Loenhout is the first carried out in an underground aquifer.

Geostock is an international company specialising in consultancy, engineering, design, construction management, operation and maintenance services for underground storage facilities. Geostock has been a partner of Fluxys for many years.

Pascal Baylocq, CEO of Geostock: “If we show that this technology works, it gives access to massive storage capacities in Europe, since there are a lot of aquifers or depleted reservoirs in Europe.”


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