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  • 14/10/2020

    Changeover from forward to reverse flow at Passo Gries

    As a result of Swiss TSOs receiving higher nominations towards Switzerland rather than towards Italy at the Interconnection Point Passo Gries, in the period between 8 and 12 October 2020 a changeover from physical forward to physical reverse flow was observed at Passo Gries.

Product description

Our range of services covers the following routes

Between the NCG market area (Germany) and the PSV market area (Italy) in both directions:
Wallbach - Gries Pass and Gries Pass - Wallbach.

Between the PEG market area (France) and the PSV market area (Italy) in both directions:
Oltingue - Gries Pass and Gries Pass - Oltingue.

Between the NCG market area (Germany) and the PEG market area (France) in both directions:
Wallbach - Oltingue and Oltingue - Wallbach.

We can offer products with different level of firmness (Firm or multiple levels of Interruptible capacity).


Tailored services

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How to book?

You can book capacity via two different channels:

  • Auctions
  • Over the Counter



Subject to availability, we provide auctions for:

  • Gas year firm capacity
  • Monthly firm and/or interruptible capacity

There is currently no auction.


How to participate in an auction?

Please contact us to be included in our mailing list and receive the necessary information together with the relevant procedures ahead of each auction.

The auctions are performed through a dedicated webportal.

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Over the Counter

  • You can request standard and tailored services at any time during office hours.
  • Requests for within day capacities are handled 24/7.

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