Become a shipper at FluxSwiss

Get started in 5 steps


1. Contact us

Phone : +41 (0) 91 910 93 00
Email :


2. Provide company and financial info


3. Accept contract terms

We will then send you a set of documents :

  • CRTSA v.5.0 for signature
  • Shipper manual for our extranet nomination tool
  • Nomination operating procedures v.5.0


4. Meet credit requirements

Credit requirements apply to individual bookings, and not to the signature of the Master Agreement per se. For further details please see Annex C of the CRTSA.


5. Approved as a shipper

You will be approved as a Shipper when you receive a fully signed contract back from us along with a shipper code. Signing up to the CRTSA has no associated costs and does not require a capacity booking.

And finally: Welcome as a new shipper with FluxSwiss!

Your point of contact


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