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    Overview of our Terms & Conditions

    Find out the terms and conditions of our services offered by all our companies.

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    Check out our Tariffs

    All tariffs of

    • Fluxys Belgium
    • Fluxys LNG
    • Fluxys TENP
    • Fluxys Deutschland
    • Flux Swiss
    • Interconnector

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    Help us to Improve the Service we Offer

    Check out and participate in our market consultations.

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    Incremental Capacity

    On 6 April 2017, European TSOs started with the implementation of the incremental capacity process (INC-process), in accordance with EU - Regulation 2017/459 (NC-CAM).

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    Simulate the Price of our Entry / Exit Services

    Simulate the price of our Entry / Exit services with the capacity you would like to book.

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    Connect to our Gas Network in Belgium

    Opt for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly natural gas.

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    Connecting Green Gas Producers

    Get your green gas into the Belgian grid and supply households and/or businesses with a carbon-neutral energy source.

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    Guarantees of Origin for Green Gas

    As a green gas producer, you can register with Fluxys Belgium and obtain guarantees of origin from VREG.

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    Unit Converter

    Convert capacities, volumes and prices into the unit of your choice.

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