Fluxys takes further steps with the industry towards decarbonization of the energy system

In the framework of the commercial process started in January 2021 to facilitate the development of a hydrogen and CO2 infrastructure in Belgium, Fluxys today invites - through the launch of information memorandums - industrial parties to express their interest to be connected to the open access hydrogen and/or CO2 infrastructure.

In January 2021 Fluxys invited potential users and industrial players of the future hydrogen and CO2 network to participate at an informative market consultation. The information gathered gave a clear overview on how market needs may develop geographically and over time.

Today’s launch of the information memorandums for hydrogen and CO2 infrastructure marks a next step towards the building of new pipelines and repurposing of existing infrastructure in line with market needs, allowing Fluxys to transport efficiently both hydrogen and CO2 by mid-2026.

This market reach-out is fully in line with the federal government’s hydrogen strategy published in October 2021. Fluxys proposes to develop the necessary infrastructure at industrial cluster level, to create connections between such clusters and with neighbouring countries in order to make Belgium an import and transit hub in an European wide hydrogen backbone.

Steven Van Caekenberghe, Fluxys’ Head of H2 & CO2 Program, said: ”This is a concrete leap forward in making the energy transition real and tangible. Today we bring to the market specific proposals for open access infrastructure to decarbonise. And we invite all parties to express their interest so that we can jointly move ahead towards the goal of carbon-neutrality.”.