INT publishes latest Charging Statement


INT has today published its latest Charging Statement which introduces a new bi-directional incentive for GY 22, effective from 31 January onwards.

The latest INT Charging Statement introduces a bi-directional incentive for Quarterly and Seasonal products covering Q4-22 and Winter-22.

Shippers who book capacity in both flow directions will receive the GB Export capacity at a discount;

Capacity Tariffs only (p/th) Q4-22 Winter-22  Q1-23 
 UK to BE  1.1p/th  1.1p/th  1.1p/th
 BE to UK  1.1p/th  1.2p/th  1.5p/th
 Both directions with Bi-Directional Incentive applied



 Not Offered


  • The Capacity Transactions for both flow directions must be purchased within two weeks of each other and prior to the first gas day on which the capacity in either flow direction can be utilised.

  • Quarterly Q4-22 Capacity Products or Seasonal Winter-22 Capacity Products acquired before 31 January also remain eligible for this incentive.

There are no changes to the previously published prices.