Fluxys - Scale-up version of Emix: a digital Market Place


Following the successful launch of the first version of Emix – a digital Market Place for LNG and underground gas Storage services, Fluxys now developed an advanced version of Emix. The main changes are enhanced functionalities and an integration of Emix in our Gsmart platform.

What is Emix?

Emix is a digital market place where clients can trade: 

  • LNG molecules over the counter in tank (Terminal Zeebrugge);
  • LNG services on the secondary market (Terminal Zeebrugge);
  • Underground gas storage services on the secondary market (Loenhout).

This allows parties to find additional services besides the primary market.

For whom?

For having access to the secondary market for underground gas storage services clients need to have a signed Standard Storage Agreement (SSA).

For having access to the Zeebrugge LNG trading market or secondary market for LNG services, clients need to have a signed a CSA, LSA, LTA, LTSA or LTL.

How to access?

Both storage and LNG clients can access the platform directly via the general Gsmart platform. Please note that the application will only be accessible if you have the Extranet Manager role. If you do not have it, you can ask the person with the Extranet Administrator role in your company to grant it to you via our CRM extranet platform.


Good to know

From the moment a client has logged in, by default an automatic e-mail will be sent to his e-mail address when a new offer/request has been published or when a new message has been sent. This function is activated by default but can at any time be disabled in the settings tab.

In case you require more info, you can always reach out to info.lng@fluxys.com or info.storage@fluxys.com.