INEOS Olefins Belgium joins Fluxys project for open-access hydrogen network in Antwerp


In Antwerp, Fluxys is taking a major step forward in developing an open-access hydrogen network. Chemicals company INEOS Olefins Belgium is the first industrial player to take part in the feasibility study on the development and construction of the network.

As a potential buyer of 100,000 tonnes of hydrogen per year, the INEOS Olefins Belgium connection will be crucial in determining the size of the network in the Antwerp port area and will help drive the development of the hydrogen market. This collaborative effort is the result of Fluxys' market consultation launched last year with a view to ensuring a match between hydrogen supply and demand in Belgian industrial zones.

Raphaël De Winter, Director Business Development & Innovation Fluxys

Raphaël De Winter, Director Business Development & Innovation at Fluxys:
"We at Fluxys are going all out to help quickly develop a well-functioning hydrogen market. This requires an open-access network to which everyone can connect on an equal footing, so that supply and demand can easily and smoothly find each other. We are working with infrastructure proposals in the various industrial zones in Belgium, building connections between zones and with neighbouring countries, and working on import options. In Antwerp the interest shown by INEOS Olefins Belgium is a major step forward in the development of the infrastructure that industry needs. The ball is rolling. With the interest of all companies involved, we will complete our network studies in Antwerp in early 2023 and sign contracts in the first half of 2023 so we can start building."