FluxSwiss - Tender for reservation of winter months capacity


FluxSwiss is pleased to launch a tender for a group of six monthly products from October 2021 to March 2022, structured as capacity reservation with a later confirmation of the service.

The total aggregated firm capacity made available via this tender will be 500 MWh/h, with Delivery Point Wallbach and Redelivery Point Gries Pass (a transportation service allowing to bring gas from Germany to Italy).

An initial reservation fee, to be defined by Shipper through his bid, will reserve each of the monthly product until 30 June 2021. By that date, Shipper can decide (individually for each product) to exercise / not exercise the product, or to extend the reservation for an additional month against a very small fee. At each extended deadline the same possibility occurs, up until the start of the product.

Additionally, Shipper can decide to convert up to two of the proposed months into a reservation for the months of April and / or May 2022, against a small reshuffling fee.

Tender document including the bid form

Master Agreement with all applicable terms & conditions

The due date for bids is 12:00 hrs (CEST Time), June 11th 2021. Shippers will be informed of the result at 16:00 CEST of the same day.