Physical reverse flow from Switzerland to France

Over the last weekend, short-term capacity sales performed by FluxSwiss led to significant nominations by our shippers on the path from Italy to France (ca. 13 million Nm3/d on Saturday 23th and ca. 11 million Nm3/d on Sunday 24th January).

These nominations triggered physical reverse flow at IP Oltingue for the first time ever. In particular, FluxSwiss exit capacity to France was used for more than 70% over the weekend.

FluxSwiss shippers were also in export mode on the route from Italy to Germany even though for lower volumes (ca. 2 million Nm3/d on Saturday 23th and ca. 5 million Nm3/d on Sunday 24th January, with a load factor of 17% of FluxSwiss exit capacity to Germany), not enough to physically reverse IP Wallbach, which remained in entry mode towards Switzerland.

The development of reverse flow capacity, which FluxSwiss contributed to along with our neighbouring French, Italian, German and Swiss TSOs, is once more proving effective in enabling cross-border flows to meet the increased market volatility and resulting changeovers from forward to reverse flow and viceversa.