Connect your company to the Belgian grid

Opt for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly natural gas. Connect to our gas network in Belgium.


Request or adapt a gas connection 

  • Fill in our information form.
  • Send your completed form to
  • We will then get in touch with you to make an appointment.
  • At our first meeting, we will discuss your energy requirements and run through the full connection process in detail.


Next steps  

Your feasibility study

This feasibility study will indicate the most advantageous connection options for your site. Feasibility studies, which take at least 8 weeks to complete, look into:

  • The best technical route for your connection.
  • The permits that will be required to build it.
  • How much time obtaining all those permits will take.


Your offer and Standard Connection Agreement

Once the feasibility study has been concluded, you will receive a customised offer setting out:

  • A schedule for your connection
  • All the relevant technical data concerning your connection
  • A budget
  • The annual capacity for which you will subscribe
  • The amount of the bank guarantee to provide

In the Standard Connection Agreement, you confirm that you are an end customer of ours. This document is available in French or in Dutch.


Who will bear which costs?

We will bear some of the investment costs for the work done in the public domain. In return:

  • You or your supplier will book annual transmission capacity for the number of years set out in your offer.
  • You will also provide us with a bank guarantee.

You will bear the investment costs for any connection and installation work done on your site.

Please bear in mind that the further away your site happens to be from one of our pipelines, the higher the investment costs may be.


What is the waiting time for your connection?

The time elapsing between your application and the commissioning of your connection will depend on a number of factors:

  • The duration of the permit procedures
  • The length of the pipeline to be installed
  • The degree of technical difficulty involved Especially due to the time required to obtain permits, you should anticipate a waiting time of between 24 and 46 months.

Your point of contact