2023 - Annual Review of INT Access Rules and Charging Methodology

INT is today launching a stakeholder consultation on proposed changes to its Access Rules and Charging Methodology. 

In particular, INT is proposing to introduce the ability to offer a Reprofiling Service which will enable its Shippers to maximise the extrinsic value of their current, longer term positions by reprofiling these bookings forward in time. 

The proposed changes also include several minor amendments to ensure the Access Rules remain consistent with the CREG Natural Gas Code of Conduct, which INT is now covered by, as well as to address comments made by CREG in their November 2022 Decision for the implementation of Issue 8 of the IAA.  

This consultation closed at 17:00 UKT on 16 December 2023.

Consultation Documents:


 Consultation Responses:


Current status of the consultation

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