Zelzate - Kallo

    Why this project?

    Fluxys Belgium plans to build a second high-pressure pipeline between Zelzate and Kallo in order to have sufficient grid capacity for rising gas demand by industry in the Port of Antwerp. Installation of the pipeline is planned to begin in spring 2024 at the earliest (after the relevant permits are obtained).


    Landowners and operators have their own point of contact at Fluxys, from the preliminary study of a project to the restoration of a site following the construction of a pipeline. This allows them to consult with someone familiar with their concerns and the features of their land from the outset.

    When? With whom? On what?
    From Spring 2023 onwards
    Landowners and operators Identification of and initial contact with the parties concerned
    September 2023 Landowners and operators Information sessions presenting the project
    After the start of the Declaration of Public Utility procedure Landowners Conclusion of easement agreements with the owners of land crossed by the pipeline
    Before digging the trench Operators Production of a joint site description
    Once the trench has been dug Operators Production of a description of any drainage present
    After the restoration of drainage Operators Confirmation that drainage has been restored
    After the restoration of the site(s) Operators Acceptance of the site(s) +
    joint evaluation of damage and payment of compensation

    Permit procedures

    Permit procedure Status
    Gewestelijk Ruimtelijk Uitvoeringsplan 2020 - From 21 August until 19 October 2020 included: public consultation process on the launch notice for the 'Zelzate-Kallo pipeline corridor' regional land-use plan (GRUP)
    Declaration of Public Utility From Fall 2023             
    Environmental permit for the route in the Flemish Region From Spring 2024             
    Transmission permit From Spring 2024