• 08/07/2020

    FluxSwiss auction August 2020

    FluxSwiss is offering transportation capacities in the North-South direction in the routes Wallbach - Gries Pass and Oltingue - Gries Pass on a Firm basis for the Month of August 2020.
    Available quantities are 1710 MWh for the route Wallbach - Gries Pass and 300 MWh for the route Oltingue - Gries Pass.
  • 19/06/2020

    Reverse Flow capacity for Terranets Load Flow Commitment - 2021

    In the spirit of cooperation with adjacent Transmission System Operators, FluxSwiss intends to support the new tender for Load Flow Commitment 2021 announced by Terranets bw.

Products & Services

Transmission Services

Customers can secure with us capacity in the Transitgas pipeline for transporting gas from border-to-border through Switzerland.

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About FluxSwiss

We are a transmission system operator in the Transitgas pipeline, marketing approx. 90% of capacity in the system for border-to-border gas flows. We combine our expertise with close customer interaction to provide high-level services for their supplies into Italy or Northwest Europe. As a Fluxys group company it is our mission to contribute to a sustainable energy future and our passionate teams secure reliable and affordable energy flows into the market.

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Transitgas Pipeline

Pivotal North-South link

The Transitgas pipeline is a key interconnector between the Northwest European and Italian gas markets. The system enables border-to-border gas flows in both directions between the Italian, German and French gas systems as well as flows from Germany, France and Italy for supplying the Swiss market.

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