Safe working conditions

    Building Site Regulations

    The Building Site Regulations for contractors when performing work form part of every contract Fluxys signs with a contractor. It offers them a way to inform their employees and subcontractors and self-employed staff they use about the risks involved and the safety measures that need to be taken.

    Specific safety measures applying to work near natural gas facilities

    Specific safety measures apply to work near natural gas facilities. Fluxys does everything to ensure safe working conditions on its sites and near pipelines for its own workforce and its contractors’ and subcontractors’ employees.

    Safety clauses applying to the supply of goods and services

    If necessary, Fluxys adds safety clauses to an order. These clauses inform suppliers of legal regulations and additional conditions they have to meet. They also provide details of the documents (certificates, manuals, instructions, etc.) the supplier must provide when goods and/or services are supplied.

    Mandatory safety training

    Fluxys safety certificate – All contractor employees performing work on Fluxys sites must hold a Fluxys safety certificate. This is because we are relying on you to use your knowledge and common sense to deliver with us on Fluxys' safety culture: we want to ensure that everyone can go home safe and sound.

    New: online safety training – From January 2021, you can obtain the Fluxys safety certificate by taking the Fluxys general safety training for contractors online. This training application is available on any device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.).

    • When you have successfully completed the training, you will receive an e-mail with your Fluxys safety certificate.
    • The Fluxys safety certificate is valid until the end of the calendar year when you took the training.
    • Bring your certificate with you when doing work at Fluxys.

    Go to the Fluxys general safety training for contractors

    Specific training

    Fluxys has joined forces with specialist training centres to develop two specific compulsory training courses for contractors’ employees who are involved:

    • coating steel pipes and fittings with approved products
    • operating excavators and hoisting devices

    At the end of each course, participants who pass a test are awarded a certificate which has to be renewed periodically.