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    The Fluxys Fibre Network, high-speed optical cable available for rent

    Fluxys makes part of its fibre optical cables available for rent by interested parties, technically known as dark or unlit fibre.

    Through long-standing efforts in developing its extensive infrastructure network and investments in its fibre optic cable network, Fluxys managed to cover large geographic areas, connecting to the larger European optic cable network and the main data centres in Belgium.

    Fluxys keeps developing more routes and gateways to support its own operations or establishes partnerships within the utility sector, and is able to offer custom-made routes to its customers including mobile telephony providers, cable network operators, and other commercial partners as well.

    We can also provide additional security and capacity services and equipment. Our tailor-made leasing options offer the optimum conditions for your projects.


    Existing routes on the FLAP, connecting to Belgium's main data center hubs

    Map of the Fluxys fibre network and connection to Germany

    The Fluxys Fibre Network, part of Europe

    The fibre network is centrally located on the FLAP routes (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris) and connected to the main Western European fibre cable network. Our fibre cables provide direct and original routes along this network.

    Technical information

    All technical specifications of our fibre network have been collected in this document:

    Technical Specifications FIBRE & ILA sites


    Reach out to receive your custom-made offer and start transmitting on our fine-mazed network.

    Dark fibre rental is handled by our Fibre Optics Infrastructure & Commercialisation.

    Interested parties can contact us on or by completing the form below.

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