Our strategy and mission are to be the key partner in accelerating the energy transition. That is what motivates us daily. It's what gets us up in the morning and what we strive for day in and day out.

We are preparing our infrastructure to bring low-carbon energy, such as hydrogen, where it is needed and to transport captured CO2 to locations for reuse or safe storage. That is how we are helping to drastically reduce carbon emissions.

The Atomium highlights our mission

It is no coincidence that we chose the Atomium, an international icon, to reflect our strategy and mission.

The Atomium was the architectural showpiece of the 1958 Brussels World's Fair, at which Belgium showed it believed in progress and was optimistic about technology enabling people to live better lives.  

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Energy transition with the help of technology and innovation

By the same token, we believe technology and progress will play a key role in drastically reducing carbon emissions, making the world a sustainable place, and building a climate-neutral future and society for future generations. With its infrastructure for transporting hydrogen and CO2, Fluxys is not shying away from its responsibility in this regard.

The Atomium, a monument recognised far beyond our national borders, symbolises the international dimension of our strategy and mission. Our hydrogen and CO2 infrastructure connects across borders to similar infrastructure in neighbouring countries, making our country a hub for the transport of renewable energy and CO2 in Western Europe. And together with our subsidiaries in Europe and Latin America and with our international partners, we import wind and sun from faraway countries and we export CO2 to safe storage places. 

Last but not least, we also chose the Atomium for its form. The spheres are the ideal image for highlighting the key points in our strategy. Two (H2) or three (CO2) atoms represent the molecules for which we are preparing our infrastructure, the molecules that are playing a key role in the energy transition.

Fluxys wants to be a key partner in accelerating that transition.

So let's make Belgium famous for its hydrogen network. And just as famous for its CO2 network. That is what we are striving to do, day in and day out


Almost 100 years of experience in energy infrastructure

Our ambition is alive and well.

Our roots go back to 1929. With nearly a century of experience in gas transport, we are now in the process of building a multi-molecule hub for a carbon-neutral future.

Making an impact is at the top of our agenda, now more than ever. 


What is our strategy and mission?

By 2030 we want to offer enough capacity to transport 30 TWh of hydrogen and 30 million tonnes of CO2.

How do we work together for a climate-neutral society and economy?

We believe in an economy in which low-carbon molecules such as hydrogen are used to decarbonise industry and firmly anchor employment in Belgium and Europe.

In concrete terms, we support projects that help accelerate the energy transition.

H2 and CO2 projects

To achieve this goal, we are counting on our employees' ingenuity, entrepreneurship and desire to make an impact.   
Pascal De Buck | Managing Director and CEO Fluxys Group

What we can do for your industry

Preparing your company for the climate-neutral future? Fully committed to renewable energy and the decarbonisation of your activities? Great!

What are the options? Where do we start?

We are leading the way and we are joining forces. 

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We offer our employees a safe and respectful work environment, we maintain high standards in terms of human rights and we are committed to conducting business ethically by being responsible in dealings with our business partners.