ZTP trading services

Product description

On the integrated Belgian / Luxemburg gas market, you may buy or sell natural gas using one of the 3 available Hubs:

  • ZTP Physical Trading Services on the H-gas zone
  • ZTP Notional Trading Services on the H-gas zone
  • ZTPL Notional Trading Services on the L-gas zone

You can trade either over the counter through bilateral agreements with third parties, or anonymously on the PEGAS-platform or the web-ICE platform.

Your trades will be registered by us by means of a "nomination". Nominations are electronic notifications stating the volume of gas transferred, the period and the buying and selling parties.

The ZTP Trading Services include title tracking, nomination, matching, balance check, confirmation and imbalance transfer services. The details on these services are described in the Acces Code for Transmission.

The above mentionned Hubs in Belgium are important trading places to buy or sell gas. If you want to trade gas on these Hubs we kindly ask you to register yourself first by signing a Standard Transmission Agreement.

How to book?

1. Fill in our Service Request Form.
2. Send the form to info.transport@fluxys.com.
3. We will send you a form confirming the start of your ZTP Trading Services.


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