Regulated information: Payment of dividend

The Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of 9 May 2023 decided to distribute a dividend for the financial year 2022 and set the gross amount at EUR 1.40 per share.

The net dividend, after deduction of the 30% withholding tax, amounts to EUR 0.98 per share and is payable as from 17 May 2023.

Holders of dematerialised and registered shares on 16 May 2023 will receive the dividend as from 17 May 2023 as follows:

  • The dividend of dematerialised shares will be paid automatically by the financial intermediary holding the shares on behalf of the shareholder.
  • The dividend of registered shares will be paid directly to the shareholders entered in the register.

According to Euronext procedure: Ex date: 15.05.2023 / Record date: 16.05.2023 / Payment date: 17.05.2023