Fuel gas: Fluxys TENP continues to use biogas

Fluxys TENP GmbH will use biogas again in the second half of 2024 in order to cover a part of its fuel gas requirements. This is already the fourth year in a row that Fluxys TENP uses biogas for the operation of the compressors on the TENP pipeline.

Fluxys TENP wants to accelerate the energy transition and this requires focusing on the goal of carbon neutrality. By using biogas, Fluxys TENP actively promotes the diversification and decarbonisation of gas supply. As a natural product and renewable energy source, biogas emits less CO2 compared to methane and therefore contributes to the achievement of climate protection targets. In addition to biogas and biomethane, other green and renewable gases such as hydrogen or synthetic methane are also becoming increasingly important. Thus, the existing gas infrastructure helps to successfully implement the energy transition.