Alexander De Croo, Bill Gates, Ilham Kadri and Pascal De Buck at Belgian House WEF 2024

Our CEO Pascal De Buck exchanges on energy transition solutions with Bill Gates at WEF

in the presence of Belgian Royals, Prime minister De Croo and CEO’s of Deme and Syensqo


The Belgian House in Davos held a public event led by Prime Minister De Croo, hosting a prominent figure, Bill Gates, in the presence of the Belgian royal couple, Pascal De Buck, CEO of Fluxys, Luc Vandenbulcke, CEO of Deme, and Ilham Kadri, CEO of Syensqo. Pascal De Buck had an inspiring exchange of ideas with Bill Gates on the energy transition.

Bill Gates, a prominent climate advocate, has been active for years on various fronts to address climate change and supports many initiatives with his foundation.

Fluxys as infrastructure partner shares with Bill Gates the conviction that the solution to global warming requires an integrated energy system vision, incorporating diverse approaches to tackle global warming effectively.

  1. We will need and electrons and molecules and Carbon Capture and Storage/Utilisation (CCUS). Diversification and investment in transport infrastructure will be key to avoid the chicken and egg problem.
  2. Financial risk mitigation regulatory clarity and certainty are needed to speed up infrastructure development and make it economically viable, both for CCUS and hydrogen.

The determination and commitment showcased by industry leaders and governments are essential to accelerate the energy transition. This acceleration is both challenging and full of opportunities. In the years to come, Fluxys will build hydrogen and CO2 transport infrastructure essential to accelerate the energy transition.

Fluxys CEO Pascal De Buck and Prime Minister Alexander De Croo at Belgian House WEF

Prime Minister De Croo & Fluxys CEO Pascal De Buck