CO₂ Marine Shipping Market Consultation organised by Fluxys


Fluxys strives to develop the most efficient CO2 transmission solutions for North-West Europe. Doing so requires the timely alignment of an end-to-end logistic chain from the CO2 emissions capture sites towards the safe and permanent storage into sequestration fields.

The essential transmission infrastructure shall be designed in adequacy with the upstream and downstream needs. Today, many sequestration options are under development by multiple parties. At the same time, many CO2 capture projects reach an advanced maturity level. This is thus the right time to connect the dots and tailor the connecting infrastructure to the market needs.

To reach CO2 storage fields, two options are under development: pipeline transport & marine transport. Fluxys is developing the open-access CO2 onshore gathering systems and export hubs to serve ship-based and pipeline-based export solutions.

As from the start, Fluxys has been interacting with all the actors of the value chain to facilitate its success. Today, to proceed with the further development of the CO2 marine terminals, Fluxys is inviting you to answer a market consultation, sharing the relevant information to:

  1. ensure the technical compatibility of your CO2 carrier vessels with the Fluxys' terminals,
  2. enable the commercialization of a full value chain including your service offering and
  3. develop efficient CCS solutions.

Participate in the market consultation

In parallel to this market consultation, Fluxys will conduct interviews with the participants to clarify and detail further specific commercial and technical aspects, allowing to proceed with the organization of an open season process during which terminaling capacities will be sold. Maturity, evaluated based on both technical and commercial aspects, will be a preliminary requirement to participate in the open season. 

One does not need to participate in the proposed market consultation to be able to participate in the upcoming open season. Yet, if you don’t participate, the final design of the terminaling facilities may drastically differ from your needs or specifications and could lead to the non-compatibility/competitivity of your CO2 sequestration offering/CO2 vessel specifications with the terminal solutions. Fluxys therefore believes that this consultation step is key to maximize the chances to conclude agreements together and ensure alignment through the CO2 value chain.

Let’s grab this opportunity to develop the nascent CO2 value chain together, enabling competitive and reliable CCUS solutions for the NW-EU industry.


More Information?

Feel free to contact our CO2 development team or send your questions to



Any information you share with Fluxys through this market consultation will be treated as confidential in accordance with the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and, if such information includes personal data, in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation (including the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679). If you wish to formalize this commitment, please fill in, sign and send back the NDA to our mailbox
At this stage, all shared information is deemed non-binding and for information purpose only.

Please feel free to skip any questions you cannot or do not want to answer. Any information will help Fluxys to develop efficiently and optimally the transmission infrastructure that would benefit to your activities.