New Storage Subscription Window for Golden SBUs and Priority Booster Capacity

Seize the opportunity to secure your long term storage capacities by participating in our Subscription Window for Golden SBUs and Priority Booster Capacity.
It starts as from 20 December at 9 AM and ends on 24 January 2022 at 12 AM (local time).

What are the offered services?

  • Long term Golden SBUs starting at 1/4/2022 for a minimum duration of 2 Storage Years and a maximum duration of 10 Storage Years.  These Golden SBUs are offered with a speed of 132 injection days and 84 withdrawal days.
  • Seasonal and Quarterly Priority Booster Capacity in order to allow you to inject/withdraw faster into/from the Loenhout Storage facility.

Check out the regulated tariffs which are applicable to these offered services.


Clarification on allocation of Priority Booster Capacity (PBC)

In recent days, Fluxys has received some questions about the allocation rules of Priority Booster Capacity. To provide more clarity on this, Fluxys has slightly amended the Terms and Conditions.

The maximum amount of PBC that can be allocated to a party is the total offered PBC times the ratio of SBUs allocated to that party to the total amount of SBUs. In other words, the amount of PBC that can be allocated to a party is proportional to the amount of SBUs booked by that party.

Each year storage users who have booked SBUs for multiple years will have the privilege to request, before Fluxys starts commercialising the storage services for the forthcoming storage year(s), the amount of PBC they want to book for their subscribed period (in accordance with the rule stated hereabove).

Total amount of SBUs is 250 000 and 1700 MWh/h Injection PBC is offered. The shipper requests 125 000 SBUs (=50% of total amount of SBUs). Maximum allocation for Injection PBC is 850 MWh/h (50% of 1700 MWh/h).


How can you subscribe?

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions of Subscription window (TCSW).
  2. Fill in the Service Request Form (SRFC).
  3. Submit your completed and signed binding request to before 24 January 2022 at 12AM (local time).


More information?

Feel free to contact us at