Dunkerque LNG is offering 1,5 bcm in 2026 and up to 3,5 bcma of regasification capacity as of 2027.

Dunkerque LNG terminal: opportunity to book up to 3,5 Bcma regasification capacity

European LNG imports have witnessed a strong demand in recent years and are expected to continue to rise as LNG is now a fundamental element of the Europe’s security of supply. North-Western Europe is the destination of choice thanks to its liquid and strongly interconnected markets.

Dunkerque LNG is organising a call for market interest (CMI), offering the opportunity to book up to 3,5 billion cubic meters per annum of regasification capacity.

Thanks to its location and its technical characteristics, the Dunkerque LNG facility stands out as one of the most attractive terminals in Europe. Its shippers are benefiting from several distinctive advantages including no gas-in-kind, an ideal location in North-Western Europe with a direct access to two gas markets, as well as a broad operational and commercial flexibility.

The qualification phase of the Call for Market Interest process has started on February 1st and will close on February 23rd, 2024. Are you keen to know more? Please request your CMI documentation by providing your company details below.



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