Carbon: Preparing to build the network

Information Memorandum


The Information Memorandum sets forth certain information regarding the transportation and terminalling of CO2 as the capture and reuse or storage of CO2 can make a key contribution to achieving the decarbonisation targets. It goes hand in hand with infrastructure proposals based on the identified market interest.

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Carbon Specification Proposal

Please also still feel free to complete the Request for information if you wouldn’t have done so far or if your internal process is still ongoing. We will be integrating your responses on a rolling basis as they continue to come in and keep finetuning our infrastructure mapping.

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Specific Infrastructure Proposals

Following the Request For Information the market shows a mature need for an open access CO2 infrastructure in specific areas, reflected in the proposals beneath. The other areas will be further explored in the following months and their Specific Infrastructure Proposals will also be shared with the market on this page.

All interested potential users of the CO2 infrastructure are invited to participate to the Open Seasons and to express their interest for the Specific CO2 Infrastructure Proposals. The closure date for the participation (for every specific proposal) will be published on this page in due time with a prior notice period.

Fluxys together with its partners Air Liquide Large Industry and Pipelink are inviting parties to participate to the Open Season and to express their interest for CO2 transmission and/or CO2 terminalling infrastructure in Antwerp.