Who we are

Headquartered in Belgium, Fluxys is a fully independent gas infrastructure group with 1,200 employees active in gas transmission & storage and liquefied natural gas terminalling. As a purpose-led company Fluxys together with all its stakeholders contributes to a better society by shaping a bright energy future.

Building on the unique assets of gas infrastructure and its commercial and technical expertise, Fluxys is committed to accommodate hydrogen, biomethane or any other carbon-neutral energy carrier of the future.


Major gas transit operator across Europe

c. 8100 km pipelines in operation

c. 1200 km pipelines under construction

LNG Terminalling

Large and small scale LNG

Zeebrugge, Belgium - 9 bcm/y throughput capacity

Dunkirk, France - 13 bcm/y throughput capacity

Revithoussa, Greece – 7 bcm/y throughput capacity


Aquifer gas storage in Belgium - 700 mcm working storage volume

Our purpose

Shaping together a bright energy future

We are committed to continue building a greener energy future for the generations to come. People, industry and societies all need energy to thrive and progress. Fluxys accommodates this need: we put energy in motion through our infrastructure. We move natural gas while paving the way to transport in our infrastructure hydrogen, biomethane or any other carbon-neutral energy carrier of the future.

Our vision

Fluxys, the reference as a global gas infrastructure partner

Over the last decade we have become a reference partner for gas infrastructure projects and ventures across Europe. Our ambition is to keep stepping it up and develop into a preferred gas infrastructure partner outside Europe as well.

Our mission

As independent gas infrastructure partner, Fluxys contributes to a sustainable energy future and our passionate teams secure reliable and affordable energy flows into the market

Our strategy

En route for a green tomorrow with investments in Belgium, Europe and beyond

1 - Be fit and grow in Belgium and Europe

We optimise our operations in Belgium and Europe while growing our assets on a selective basis

2 - Be the transporter of the future energy carriers

We support biomethane initiatives, invest in hydrogen and CO2 transport projects, and explore new technologies

3 - Invest outside Europe

We target natural gas infrastructure with specific focus on LNG

Management team

Pascal De Buck

Managing Director and CEO

Arno Büx

Chief Commercial Officer

Christian Leclercq

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Verhaeghe

Chief Technical Officer


Publigas (77.45%)

Publigas is the Belgian municipal holding company in the natural gas sector.

Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (19.88 %)

Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec is a financial institution that manages funds primarily for pension schemes and public and private insurance in Canada (Quebec). La Caisse has amassed considerable experience in natural gas transmission and infrastructure through its shareholdings in natural gas transmission and distribution companies in the United States, Canada and Europe.

The Federal Holding and Investment Company (2.13%)

The Federal Holding and Investment Company is a federal Belgian holding set up to manage, on behalf of the Belgian State, shareholdings in public and private companies of strategic economic importance to Belgium.

Employees and management (0.54%)

Since 2012, Fluxys group employees and management have had multiple opportunities to become Fluxys shareholders.