Transmission in Belgium

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Transmission Services in Belgium

Enjoy the most connected transmission grid in Europe:

Providing you the European gas flow crossroad with 12 interconnection points:

  • Transmission from Dutch and Norwegian production sites to France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Italy.
  • Bi-directional transmission between the United Kingdom and continental Europe.
  • The offer of a wide range of arbitrage and trading opportunities on the ZTP market.
  • The flexibility offered by the market based balancing system.

Benefit from a direct connection to:

  • Over 230 large industrial sites, power stations, combined heat and power units connected to our grid.
  • Over 70 aggregated receiving stations on our grid for the local distributors to the households and small and medium enterprises.
  • More than 90 customers already make use of our transmission services.

Balansys, the market based balancing system

Since 2015, Fluxys Belgium and Creos Luxembourg, merged the Belgian and Luxembourg H-gas markets in one cross-border integrated gas market. They created “Balansys” which has been appointed as the Balancing Operator which offers the balancing services in the BeLux area.

Transmission on Interconnection Points

Fluxys offers you Entry and Exit services which allow you to transport natural gas within the Belgian transmission grid and Zee Platform services which allow you to flow unlimited volumes of natural gas between 2 or more selected IPs in the Zeebrugge area.

ZTP (BE - LUX)TransmissionScheduling Services

Entry / Exit on Interconnection Points - Belgium

Your solution to enter the Belgian market area, trade on ZTP, supply the Belgian domestic market and connect with adjacent markets
ZTP (BE - LUX)TransmissionScheduling Services

Zee Platform

Flow unlimited quantities of natural gas between 2 or more interconnection points in the Zeebrugge area for a fixed monthly price

Transmission services for the Belgian Market

Domestic services enable natural gas to be withdrawn from or injected to a zone of the Belgian transmission grid at a domestic point.

Those services target two main groups:

  • End-users, composed by Industry, power plants and combined heat and power facilities (CHP).
  • Grids of Distribution Systems Operators, that will bring your gas to Households and SMEs.
ZTP (BE - LUX)TransmissionScheduling Services

End User Domestic Exit Capacity in Belgium

Transmit natural gas to an industrial end user, a power plant or a combined heat and power (CHP) facility.
ZTP (BE - LUX)TransmissionScheduling Services

Supplying distribution grid exit points in Belgium

Transport natural gas to a distribution grid exit point without making an explicit capacity subscription

Substitution services

ZTP (BE - LUX)TransmissionScheduling Services

Capacity conversion

Do you have unbundled capacity in your portfolio which you want to convert into bundled capacity?
ZTP (BE - LUX)TransmissionScheduling Services


Transfer for a standard period your existing capacity on an interconnection point to another interconnection point that is in the same grid location
ZTP (BE - LUX)TransmissionScheduling Services

L Capacity Switch Service

As The Netherlands will stop exporting L gas by 2030, switch your entry capacity at Hilvarenbeek L or your exit capacity at Blaregnies L.

Other Services

ZTP (BE - LUX)TransmissionScheduling Services

Quality conversion to H

With the quality conversion to H service you can inject either L-gas or H2 into the H gas area, for supplying your end users or for exiting the system at an Interconnection Point.

ZTP (BE - LUX)TransmissionScheduling Services

ZTP trading services

On the integrated Belgian / Luxemburg gas market, you may buy or sell natural gas using one of the 2 available Hubs.
ZTP (BE - LUX)TransmissionScheduling Services


Assign your unused entry and exit capacities on Interconnection Points (bundled or unbundled) or Domestic Points to another Transmission shipper.
ZTP (BE - LUX)TransmissionScheduling Services

Imbalance Smoothing Allocation

Limit the effect of the (predictable) offtake profile of the distribution networks. An imbalance smoothing profile, aiming at neutralising on a daily basis part of the imbalance caused by the hourly profiled flow on the distribution networks, is allocated to the network users for their final customers and possible local producer on the distribution networks.

Sales channels

Overview of the different transmission services sales channels, allocation method and product duration.

More info

Operational information

For shippers - All transmission services

More information on operational readiness.

For Belgian End Consumers

Your data on Natural Gas Specifications, how we establish quantities of gas delivered and historical composition of the natural gas imported into Belgium can be found here.