Zee Platform

Flow unlimited quantities of natural gas between 2 or more interconnection points in the Zeebrugge area for a fixed monthly price


The Zee Platform allows you to flow unlimited volumes of natural gas between 2 or more selected IPs in the Zeebrugge area.

4 IPs linking production fields to market areas and trading places in Northwest Europe: 

  • IZT: your direct link with the UK
  • Zeepipe Terminal (ZPT): your direct link with Norway
  • Zeebrugge LNG Terminal: your gateway to supply LNG into EU
  • Zeebrugge: your direct access to the BeLux market area and the associated trading points

No additional Entry/Exit capacity booking is needed as you don’t enter the Belux market zone (ZTP).

The price per month depends on your choice for 2, 3 or 4 IP's.



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