Operational Information at Fluxys Belgium - Transmission

In order to subscribe capacity services at Fluxys Belgium, a party must follow the 5 steps process to become a shipper.

Once registered as a shipper, requests for capacity services can be submitted and at the same time shipper can prepare its operational readiness.


Get your Energy Identification Code (EIC)

The EIC codes are used for the official and unambiguous identification of the actors (TSO, Shipper, Trader, Producer, Exchange platform operator, ...) and points (IP, GEL, balancing zone, domestic outlet, ..).

The idea is to harmonize and standardize electronic communication through unique energy identification codes that are used on the ENTSOE and ENTSOG Transparency platforms, in AS2 and AS4 communications, in Edig@s messages, for Remit and PRISMA.

Fluxys is recognized as Local Issuing Office (LIO) and can grant local EIC codes.

Get your EIC


Set-up your edig@s connection

Edig@s is the electronic message standard for the gas market, enables gas actors from across Europe to exchange information in a simple, efficient and cost-effective way. Edig@s covers the major gas processes and responds to the needs of the major user segments (Traders, Shippers, TSOs, SSOs, LSOs, DSOs, Producers).

The Edig@s specifications make use of internationally recognised information interchange standards. Edig@s is freely available and easy to implement. The European Commission recognised the value that the use of Edig@s can bring for the harmonisation of the European gas market.

Edig@s messages for nominations, confirmations, allocations or balancing data have its specific structure. The following files contain:

  • The available templates,
  • Relevant information about how the different messages are set up, and
  • A list of edig@s and EIC codes of the Interconnection and Domestic Points relevant for the Belgian market.

EIC & Edig@s Codes List - Setup messages

In case you are experimenting problems to send us a nomination via Edig@s, you can temporary send us your XML via email or if it is not possible use this template and send your nomination via email to dispatching@fluxys.com.


Specific set-up in the BeLux area

  • In the BeLux area shippers are sending nominations to the respective TSOs in Belgium (Fluxys Belgium) and in Luxembourg (Creos Luxembourg).
  • Confirmations and detailed allocations per interconnection point or domestic point will be received from the relevant TSO.
  • Fluxys Belgium and Creos Luxembourg will provide the Balancing Operator of the BeLux area (Balansys) with aggregated allocation data of their grid per individual shipper.
  • The Balancing Operator will provide each shipper with its individual and the market balancing data (aggregated data of all shippers) of the entire BeLux area.


More information about the BeLux area

Get access to our Electronic Platforms

Fluxys Belgium (TSO) and Balansys (Balancing Operator of the BeLux area) offer shippers access to their respective Electronic Data Platform (EDP). Fluxys Belgium and Balansys are for commercial, operational and regulatory purposes offering different access rights to their EDP:

  • Public data is data made available without access restriction,
  • Private data is data made available to a specific shipper with restricted use depending on the access rights granted to that user.

Two separated EDPs are available:

EDP of Fluxys Belgium   EDP of Balansys


To get access to the EDP of Fluxys Belgium a shipper should :

  • Designate an Administrator who can grant, modify and stop users' access rights to the different Fluxys Electronic Platforms including the EDP (see for more details), and
  • Comply with some technical requirements.

user manual together with an overview and technical details of all downloadable reports have been made available.

At each update of the EDP, release notes are published, these release notes give an overview of the effective changes.
The list of product codes used in the invoices, allow you to reconcile your invoicing data.


Need access to Balansys' EDP ?

How to make single-sided nominations

The following table details the roles executed by the respective TSOs at Interconnection Points in the framework of Single-sided nominations.

IP   Active TSO   Passive TSO

Fluxys Belgium




Fluxys Belgium

Blaregnies L 




Fluxys Belgium


Fluxys Belgium

  Interconnector UK Ltd 

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