Transfer for a standard period your existing capacity on an interconnection point to another interconnection point that is in the same grid location


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For which points can you apply for our diversion service?

  • Zeebrugge : between IZT, ZPT, the Zeebrugge LNG Terminal and Zeebrugge

How to book?

You can apply for the diversion service for monthly, quarterly or yearly capacities.

  • Complete our application form.
  • Send us the application form at info.transport@fluxys.com. We accept applications until two working days after your purchase of the new capacity on PRISMA.
  • During the auction on PRISMA, you can book capacity at the new interconnection point in the same border area. N.B.: The period and quantity must match the details given in your application form.
  • We will then replace your existing capacity with your new capacity.
  • You will receive your diversion service confirmation from us within 5 working days after your purchase of the new capacity on the new interconnection point.

This is a free service but you may be charged an auction premium when booking the new capacity on PRISMA.

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