Flexible Storage services in Zeebrugge

Access more flexible storage capacity

Which kind of storage capacity do you need ?

The available amount of LNG storage capacities which are not commercialised through standard unloading slots are offered to the market. 

Choose your type of storage depending your needs or activities in Zeebrugge.


Storage Type  Available capacities to store
(in m³ LNG)
Granularity Firmness Level Availability Allocation
Basic 140,000 10.3 days block Firm Primary market M+1, M+2
Additional 36,000 Min. 1 Year Firm Sold-out up to 2044 FCFS
Daily Unsold additional storage Min. 1 Day Firm Primary market Day-ahead before 11 AM
Residual up to 30,000 Min. 1 Day Firm Primary market FCFS
Transshipment 180,000 Min. 1 Year  Firm Sold-out up to 2039
Gas In Storage Exceedings Unused Firm
storage capacity
Daily Interruptible If not all firm
storage rights are used

Basic Storage Capacity

  • Included in a standard unloading slot, but separable from a slot as from D-10, Available M+1 and M+2.
  • Basic storage period = 40 consecutive tides (10.3 days).
  • Basic storage volume = 140,000 m³ of LNG (decreasing linearly over 10.3 days).

How to book ?

Basic Storage Tariff

Additional Storage Capacity

  • Can only be subscribed if already holding standard slot in portfolio.

How to book ?

Sold-out up to 2044 on the primary market. 

Additional Storage Tariff

Daily Storage Capacity

  • Unsold yearly additional storage capacity which can be subscribed for a minimum period of 1 day.
  • The available daily storage capacity is calculated and published for information purposes on a daily basis for the next 30 days on the Electronic Data Platform (EDP).
  • Only available on a Day Ahead basis – subscriptions accepted till 11 AM on day-1.
  • Available daily storage capacity is allocated pro rata the requests.

How to book ?

Daily Storage Capacity can be booked through the Electronic Data Platform (EDP).

Daily Storage Tariff

Residual Storage Capacity

  • Available residual storage capacity published for minimum 1 month and up to 6 months. 
  • This capacity is calculated and published at least 1 month and 5 days before the applicable month.
  • Subscriptions accepted up to 2 working days before the applicable month.
  • Allocated on a First Committed First Served basis. 

How to book ?

Complete, sign and return the Service Request Form to info.LNG@fluxys.com :

Residual Storage Tariff

Transshipment Storage Capacity

  • Ideal if you need to store your LNG a few days before reloading it onto another LNG ship. 

How to book?

Sold-out up to 2039 on the primary market



Gas In Storage Exceedings

  • You can use unused firm storage capacity
  • Daily peak invoiced for the entire gas day

How to book ?

Cannot be booked : leave your LNG in tank, you will be invoiced pay per use.

Transshipment Storage Tariff

Gas in Storage Exceedings Tariff

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