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Unify supply and demand

Hydrogen market: facilitate mutual exchanges between participants

Starting from the data collected, we are now in the stage of approaching participants to facilitate mutual exchanges between them in order to match their hydrogen demand and supply levels. This also supports participants in their project development and leaves room for further iterations with Fluxys. We are in this stage in the Antwerp, Ghent, Hainaut, Liège and Limbourg regions. The Zeebrugge region, in turn, is the area to further explore the options to accommodate the integration of local supply and remote imports.

If you participated in the RFI and want to take part in the matchmaking as an offtaker/producer, you can download the related document below and send it back signed at info.hydrogen-carbon-transport@fluxys.com. This will allow us to put you in contact with potential producers/offtakers by exchanging contact details with other matchmaking participants.

Matchmaking Rules - Offtaker

Matchmaking Rules - Producer


Carbon market: export route options
Starting from the data collected, we are now in the stage of approaching participants with our feedback in all clusters initially identified. The feedback also includes sharing of possible CO2 export route options and their associated tariff ranges in order to support participants in their project development.

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