Transitgas Pipeline

Pivotal North-South link

The Transitgas pipeline is the key pivotal link between the Northwest European and Italian gas markets. The system accommodates border-to-border gas flows in both directions between the Italian, German and French gas systems as well as flows from Germany, France and Italy for supplying the Swiss market.

Capacity in both directions

Market participants can use capacity in the Transitgas pipeline in both directions since 2018. Until then only North to South flows were possible. Enabling gas flows from South to North, the Reverse Flow investments have transformed the Transitgas system into a bidirectional interconnector, improving security of supply and further integrating the Italian PSV gas trading place with the gas trading places in Northwest Europe.

Facts & Figures

Pipeline route 220 km
Pipeline length
  • 2 strings of 71 km from Wallbach to Ruswill compressor station
  • 1 string of 94 km from Ruswill compressor station to Griespass
  • 1 string of 55 km from Rodersdorf/Oltingue to Lostorf
Interconnection points
  • Wallbach: interconnection point with the TENP pipeline in Germany operated by Fluxys TENP and Open Grid Europe
  • Rodersdorf/Oltingue: interconnection point with the French gas grid operated by GRTGaz
  • Griespass: interconnection point with the Italian gas system operated by Snam
Compressor Station Ruswil