Transship your LNG in Zeebrugge

Transfer your LNG from ship to ship at the Zeebrugge LNG terminal

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Product description

Zeebrugge terminal can handle two possible set-ups:

Ship – to – Ship:

  • Simultaneous unloading and reloading operation, no need to pass through a storage tank as LNG is directly transferred from one LNG ship to another
  • Combine the use of Berthing Right and Additional Berthing Right
  • Or use 2 Transshipment Berthing Rights

Ship – Transshipment Storage – Ship: Unloading operation and temporary storage in Zeebrugge Terminal before reloading operation.

Cost of this operation

Tariff applicable during the month of July 2024, calculated with the index of June 2024.

Berthing Right
(used for unloading leg)
Available FCFS M+1, M+2
Additional Berthing Right

(used for loading leg)
Available FCFS M+1, M+2

+ €
€/MWh loaded
Transshipment Berthing Right
Sold-out until 2039
(1 per ship)
€/Transsh. Berthing Right
Transshipment Storage

Sold-out until 2039


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Good to know

  • Forced minimum send-out:

    ◦ If combining a Berthing Right and an Additional Berthing Right:
      - 2 X 3.68 GWh/h during transshipment operation.
      - 1 x 0.68 GWh/h during 36 hours as from the end of the transshipment
      - A variable cost of 1.3% Gas In Kind (GIK) applies on all send-out nominations.
        This LNG will be taken from your account, it is not a cash payment.

    ◦ If combining 2 Transshipment Berthing Rights:
      - 0.75 GWh/h during transshipment operation.
      - Back-to-back invoicing of electricity costs related to boil-off compressors.
  • Transshipment operations without limit of cargo size.
  • Indicative flow rate: 10,000 m³/h LNG.  


Check availability and book

  1. Check the availability to transship your LNG.

  2. Follow the 5 steps process to become a Fluxys LNG shipper and sign a free LNG Transshipment Services Agreement (LTSA).

  3. Subscribe (First Committed First Served). Fill in this form and return it to

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