Unload, store and regas your LNG in Zeebrugge

LNG from anywhere in the world can be unloaded, stored and regasified in the LNG Zeebrugge terminal

Actualités & Presse

  • Fluxys LNG - 1000 Additional Truck Loading Slots for 2024 on sale via Auction

    Your enthusiasm and interest for our Truck Loading activity in Zeebrugge has been overwhelming in the past which resulted that the 8000 available slots for 2023 and 2024 are fully sold out. We can already announce that we can offer 1000 additional slots for 2024. Note that these 1000 additional slots are just the beginning of an increased truck loading offer at the Zeebrugge Terminal.
  • Zeebrugge Terminalling: Call for Market Interest

    As from 23 November 2023 until 16 February 2024, Fluxys is running a Call for Market Interest regarding its expansion plans for the Zeebrugge terminal. Fluxys in its strategy to speed up the energy transition is committed to anticipate tomorrow's market needs to deliver on the challenging decarbonisation targets ahead. With the Zeebrugge terminal, Fluxys has all it takes to serve the market as tomorrow's multi-molecule hub of choice and will be an essential asset for market players willing to project their current business into the future. In light of this, Fluxys invites all interested parties to specify their interest in tomorrow's services at the Zeebrugge terminal through a Call for Market Interest.
  • Fluxys lance une consultation de marché sur les molécules de demain pour le terminal de Zeebrugge

    Communiqués – info générale
    Le groupe d'infrastructures Fluxys et sa filiale Fluxys LNG sondent l'intérêt du marché pour l'importation de molécules à faible teneur en carbone depuis le terminal de Zeebrugge. Avec cette initiative de marché, Fluxys anticipe la nécessité d'une décarbonation à grande échelle.

Product description

A standard “slot” for an unloading, storage and regasification operation in Zeebrugge gives the right to:

Berth and unload

Store: 140,000 m³ LNG, volume decreasing linearly over a period of 10,3 days (40 consecutive tides). 

Regasify: 140,000 m³ LNG at a rate of 4.2 GWh/h over a period of 10,3 days (40 consecutive tides). 


Cost of this operation

Tariff applicable during the month of November 2023, calculated with the index of October 2023.

Fixed Cost - Slot

Available FCFS M+1, M+2
LT sold out until 2044

= 0,65 €/MWh
Variable Cost
This variable cost of Gas in Kind applies on all send-out nominations.
% Gas In Kind
This LNG will be taken from your account, it is not a cash payment.

Need a more flexible solution ?

  • Unload ships up to 260,000 m³ LNG without additional cost to the Berthing Right included in a standard slot.

Good to know

  • Forced minimum send-out to the TSO (not a loss):

       ◦ At all times, consolidated send-out of all terminal users ≥ 0.92 GWh/h.

       ◦ During unloading operation additional minimum send-out of 3.68 GWh/h.

       ◦ During 36 hours as from the end of unloading operation additional
         minimum send-out of 0.68 GWh/h. 

  • A variable cost of 1.3% Gas In Kind (GIK) applies on all send-out nominations. This LNG will be taken from your account, it is not a cash payment.
  • Minimum contractually guaranteed Ship unloading flow rate: 12,000 m³ LNG/h. 
  • Interested to sell your LNG at Zeebrugge? Reduce your LNG in storage by getting in touch with truck loading companies or discover your other options.

Check availability and book

  1. Check the availability of the standard slots (published for M+1 and M+2) to unload, store and regas your LNG.

  2. Follow the 5 steps process to become a Fluxys LNG shipper and sign a free LNG Services Agreement (LSA).

  3. Subscribe (First Committed First Served). Fill in this form and return it to info.LNG@fluxys.com.

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Unload your LNG in Zeebrugge

LNG from anywhere in the world can be transported and unloaded by LNG ship to Zeebrugge.
Terminalling LNGScheduling Services

Approbation du méthanier

Garantissez la compatibilité de vos méthaniers avec les installations des Terminaux de Zeebrugge et Dunkerque
Terminalling LNGScheduling Services

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