Incremental Process - Overview

Incremental processes concern market-based network capacity expansion projects: additional capacity at existing Interconnection Points or the creation of new Interconnection Points, in both cases realized through investments that are underpinned by market commitments. The incremental process (INC) is complementary to network development planning (ENTSOG TYNDP, GRIPs or the Fluxys Investment Plan), as it adds the market perspective concerning readiness to commit on a long term basis to trigger the realisation of specific infrastructure.

In accordance with Commission regulation (EU) 2017/459, adjacent TSOs on each side of Interconnection Points linking entry-exit zones will cooperate during the incremental process. The incremental process is started at least every two years, during odd numbered years, but can also be started in even numbered years. The incremental process is kicked-off by the annual yearly auctions, which are held in July of each year. The incremental process consists of the following phases:


  • Non-binding demand indications, that can be submitted at any time;
  • Market demand assessment report (DAR), that will conclude whether the conditions are met to envisage the next steps (and therefore a potential network expansion);
  • Design phase, including market consultation and national regulatory agency (NRA) approval of the project(s);
  • Publication of the binding project notice;
  • Binding allocation of incremental capacity, whereby binding bids for capacity are eventually awarded, before a final investment decision (FID) is taken on the necessary investments.

For the assessment of incremental (or new) projects not in the scope of CAM NC, the open season procedure remains applicable.


Incremental process 2019

The following diagram illustrates the key dates of the incremental process in 2019:


1 July 2019

26 August 2019

21 October 2019

Annual Yearly
Capacity Auctions

Submission of non-binding
demand indications*

Start of work on DAR 2019

Publication of DAR

- On Fluxys website(s)
- On ENTSOG website


Step 1 – Non binding demand indications

Parties interested in incremental capacity can submit non-binding demand indications at any time. However in the 2019 market demand assessment, Fluxys considered non-binding demand indications submitted no later than 26 August 2019 (cob). Non-binding demand indications received after this deadline will be considered in the next market demand assessment – in 2021.


Non-binding demand indications can be submitted using the non-binding demand indications templates:

Fluxys Belgium

Download this form and send it to

Fluxys TENP & Deutschland

Fill out this form and submit it to the TSO association FNB Gas.

Interconnector UK

Download this form and send it to


Step 2 – Demand Assessment Reports (DAR)

According to Article 26 (3) of the REGULATION (EU) 2017/459 the DAR will be published on 21 October 2019. These reports will be available on the ENSTOG website and on this page. For Germany they will be published on the FNBGas website



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