Information website keeps market up to date on journey towards the single German market area

The project website on the German market area merger is now available online. In launching this website the German gas transmission system operators (TSOs) in close collaboration with the current market area managers have taken a first step to initiate a continuous market information process. The aim is to provide a platform on which current information relating to the process for the creation of the single German market area can be published in a timely and transparent manner.

The new website has been developed by the TSOs to cater to market participants’ needs for information on this important project and is part of a comprehensive market dialogue initiative offered by the TSOs in cooperation with the German regulator BNetzA. As a central information platform, the website gives market participants an opportunity to engage with the parties responsible for carrying out the project.
The first information event on which the TSO will inform about the current status is planned for the e-world 2019. A separate invitation will be forwarded within the next few weeks. If you are interested please send us a mail to

About the market merger

The joint, nationwide market area to be established in Germany is due to start operations on 1 October 2021. The TSOs are working intensively with the current market area managers to develop the necessary processes. The market merger will be carried out as efficiently as possible, especially with a view to upholding the security of the gas supply and with regard to the efficiency of all gas trading processes.

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