Supply backbones into Germany and Europe

The NEL pipeline and the EUGAL pipeline enable the onward transport of Russian natural gas, which is transported to Europe via the two Nord Stream pipelines through the Baltic Sea. The two pipeline systems enable the additional gas volumes required for Germany and the surrounding countries to be transported and made available to the European gas market.

NEL pipeline Facts & Figures

The NEL pipeline runs from Lubmin near Greifswald in the Northeast of Germany in Southwest direction to Rehden in Lower Saxony.

NEL Gastransport GmbH (51%), Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH (25.13%) and Fluxys Deutschland (23.87%) have stakes in the NEL pipeline. NEL Gastransport GmbH is the technical operator of the NEL pipeline.


Pipeline route 441 km
Pipeline length 1 string - 441 km
Technical available capacity 20 bcm
Cross-border interconnection points Lubmin I / Greifswald (gas receiving station)
Compressor stations 0
Deutschland NEL map

NEL Structural Data

Length of the pipeline system

(in accordance with § 27 point (2) No.1 GasNEV)

Pressure Length [km]
High 441.460
Medium -
Low -


Number of exit points

(in accordance with § 27 point (2) No.4 GasNEV)

Pressure Nr. of exit points
High 1
Medium -
Low -



Length of the high pressure gas pipeline system per diameter class

(in accordance with § 27 point (2) No.2 GasNEV)

Class Length [km]
A 441.380
B -
C 0.010
D -
E -
F 0.070
G -


Annual quantities offtaken

(in accordance with § 27 point (2) No.3 GasNEV)

Year Quantity [kWh]
2020 2,567,248,590
2019 7,183,451,163
2018 2,962,501,537
2017 -



Simultaneous annual maximum load of all offtakes

(in accordance with § 27 point (2) No.5 GasNEV)

Year Maximum load [MWh] Time
2020 606 01/10/2020
2019 1,394 01/10/2019
2018 1,394 09/10/2018
2017 - -

EUGAL pipeline Facts & Figures

The EUGAL pipeline runs from Lubmin near Greifswald in the Northeast of Germany in South direction to the Czech border at Deutschneudorf, where it is connected to the Net4Gas network. The EUGAL pipeline is integrated into the German gas transmission network directly via the NEL pipeline and the JAGAL pipeline and indirectly via the NETRA pipeline.

Gascade Gastransport GmbH (50.5%) as well as Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH, Ontras Gastransport GmbH and Fluxys Deutschland with 16.5% each have a stake in the EUGAL pipeline. Gascade Gastransport GmbH manages the construction and is the technical operator.


Pipeline route 480 km
Pipeline length 1 string - 480 km Lubmin to Deutschneudorf
1 string - 329 km Lubmin to Weissack
Technical available capacity 55 bcm
Cross-border interconnection points
  • Lubmin II (landfall)
  • Deutschneudorf: network interconnection point with the Czech gas transmission system operated by Net4Gas
Network connection points Lubmin-NEL
Compressor stations Radeland

Deutschland EUGAL map

Decisive points of Fluxys Deutschland

Decisive points of Fluxys Deutschland according to Art. 18 Section 4 of the Regulation (EC) 715/2009

Status: 10/2021