Interconnector Publishes Latest Charging Statement

Interconnector has today published its latest Charging Statement which decreases the Interconnector Monthly and Within Month tariffs for the remainder of Q3 2021 (i.e. Aug and Sep-21) in response to the current market conditions.

Interconnector’s capacity tariffs for August and September will be priced flat at 1.0p/th for either physical flow direction for the Monthly and Within Month products (BOM,HM,WDNW,WE,DA,WD).

The new capacity tariffs will be effective for;

  • PRISMA: for capacity purchased in today’s (18 August) Daily and Within Day Auctions for use on Gas Day 19 August
  • IAM: for capacity purchased from 08:00 UKT on 19 August for use from Gas Day 20 August onwards

The applicable commodity charges for August and September remain fixed at the published rates.

For tariff information please see Interconnector’s latest Charging Statement.

There have been no changes to any other previously published tariffs.