IUK Publishes Gas Year 2021-22 Capacity Tariffs

IUK is pleased to announce the publication of its tariffs for Gas Year 2021-22, ahead of the PRISMA annual capacity auction in July. These tariffs apply to capacity offered via PRISMA and Implicit Allocation for Gas Year 2021-22 onwards.

Overall the IUK tariff structure has remained stable year on year, with the incentivisation of longer term capacity being maintained. IUK has also lowered its short term capacity tariffs in both flow directions to ensure that IUK capacity is an accessible and attractive option during periods of short term demand.  

As well as this, IUK has re-introduced a series of booking incentives to provide additional flexibility and optionality outside of our standard product offering, which can be used against both Implicit Allocation and PRISMA capacity bookings. In particular, IUK is offering a bi-directional incentive for Winter 2021 and Q4 2021, which together with the recent confirmation of the NG Shorthaul Regime from October 2021, could be an attractive proposition for the market. 

The remaining incentives include a rolling non-standard quarter, cross seasonal and summer flexibility incentive.

In addition, the current GY 2020-21 Commodity Charge formulae will be continued for GY 2021-22 (subject to the conclusion of IUK’s ‘Own Use Gas’ tender which is currently ongoing).

IUK capacity for Gas Year 2021-22 and beyond remains available until close of business today (4 June), after which it will be suspended from Implicit Allocation until the close of the Annual PRISMA Auction on 5 July. Capacity for Gas Year 2020-21 will continue to be available through both Implicit Allocation (Q3, Monthly and Short Term) and PRISMA (Monthly, Day Ahead, Within Day) during this period. 

There are no changes to the previously published prices for Gas Year 2020-21. 

Please see IUK's latest Charging Statement Issue 36, Gas Year 2021-22 and Bespoke Tariff Flyers for more information.