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Assign your unused LNG Services

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Assign your unused LNG services acquired on the Primary Market.

There are 2 transaction types on the secondary market:

  • Full Assignment: Transfer of all rights and obligations to your trade counterparty including financial obligations.
  • Transfer of use: Transfer of all rights and obligations except the financial obligations towards Fluxys LNG that remain with you. Your trade counterparty will pay you on the agreed fees and you will continue to pay Fluxys LNG.


How to find a counterparty?

Fluxys developed Emix, a digital Market Place where you can interact easily with capacity owners or buyers (anonymously or not) and trade your LNG molecules over the counter in tank or different type of LNG services (truck loading slots, small and large-scale slots, storage capacities, …).

Find out more about the accessibility of Emix via this link.

You can also request Fluxys LNG to post an anonymous notice on your behalf for your unused service on Emix.  
If the service is successfully allocated via Fluxys LNG's offer on your behalf, 3% of the regulated tariff of the amount of the assigned services will be charged to the assignor.

This service will be allocated on an FCFS basis to the first business party that submits this signed form.


How to assign?

In order to sell or buy LNG services on the Secondary Market, both parties (assignor and assignee) must be a shipper. If this not yet the case, follow the 5 steps to become a LNG shipper and sign the applicable LNG agreement.

Once you mutually agreed on a trade with a counter party:

  • On your truck slots or truck slot appointments, you can register your assignments via the TruckManager tool under the Assignments section. A short manual is available for guidance.

    Should this functionality of TruckManager be unavailable, fill in and sign this fall-back form and submit to info.lng@fluxys.com at the latest 2 Business Days prior to the start of the assignment period.
  • On one of your LNG services, fill in and sign this form and submit to info.lng@fluxys.com at the latest 5 Business Days prior to the start of the assignment period.

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