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Firm Entry/Exit Firm under all circumstances
Optimised Firm products optimised for dedicated routes

(OCUC, Wheeling, Zee Platform)



Conditional Firm except under certain circumstances
(Conditional firm)


(Product with waive days)
Interruptible Entry/Exit Could be interrupted due to physical limits


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LNG Terminalling

Dunkerque LNG Zeebrugge LNG
Large-scale solutions Unload, store and regas LNG

Reload LNG carriers

Transship LNG carriers

Small-scale solutions Reload LNG carriers

Unload LNG carriers
Truck loading

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    Loenhout Storage
Yearly products SBU
Standard Bundled Unit
volume + injection + send-out
Addition Yearly Product
volume + injection + send-out
Short term products Volume rights
Injection rights
Send-out rights
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