LNG in France

Commercial offers

Dunkerque LNG has a regasification capacity of 13 billion  per year.

10 billion of those are already sold: 8 to EDF and 1,5 to Total. The remaining 3 billion m³ are available for marketing.


The Dunkerque LNG terminal offers its customers a series of key advantages:

  • Three 200,000 m³ storage tanks – some of the biggest in Europe
  • A deep water port for year-round accessibility
  • True flexibility to accommodate all sizes of vessel, from 5,000 m³ to the world's largest Qmax LNG carriers (265,000 m³)


Its innovative design makes it possible to optimise the upstream market (for gas import contracts), as well as the downstream market (network send-out) via the allocation of confirmed transmission rights:

  • Number of unloading/reloading slots
  • Storage capacity
  • Minimum and maximum send-out


These storage rights are managed on the basis of complete transparency between the terminal and its customers. This enables the kind of flexibility required to vary network send-out volumes in response to demand and trading movements. The Dunkerque LNG terminal also has direct connections to 2 European gas markets:

  • The French market: PEG Nord
  • The Belgian market: ZPT and IZT

Standard services

Unloading and reloading

Customers have a number of slots they can use to unload or reload vessels of all sizes at the Dunkerque LNG terminal. The design of the terminal enables maximum flow rates of 14,000 m(LNG) per hour for unloading, and 8,800 m(LNG) per hour for loading.


LNG TerminallingScheduling Services

Unload, store and regas your LNG in Dunkirk

LNG from anywhere in the world can be unloaded, stored and regasified in the Dunkirk LNG terminal.
LNG TerminallingScheduling Services

Reload your LNG ship in Dunkirk

LNG stored in tanks at Dunkirk can be loaded by small or large-scale LNG ships.

Storage and send-out

The tank inventory level and send out are managed entirely by the shipper up to the limit of the rights allocated. This option is unique to France, and enables customers to engage in trading operations to maximise the value creation potential of their gas and LNG portfolio. Shippers may opt simultaneously for the French and Belgian networks to further diversify supplies in north-western Europe.


Special services

In addition to its standard services, Dunkerque LNG offers a number of special services in response to needs shared by all its customers:

  • Gassing up of LNG carrier tanks
  • Cooling down of LNG carrier tanks
  • Inerting of LNG carrier tanks
  • Unloading excess LNG prior to topping up
  • Port services: ships stores, bunkering, maintenance, etc.

These services may be requested by the shipper at any time.


The Dunkerque LNG terminal is not a regulated organisation, and is therefore under no obligation to publish its charges. Please contact the sales team for further information.

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