LNG Specification Requirements

Your LNG can be unloaded at the Zeebrugge LNG Terminal if it meets the following requirements

Saturated vapour pressure at the Delivery Point
Shipper shall limit the saturated vapour pressure (SVP) of each LNG cargo, delivered at the Delivery Point, to 1,160 mbar (absolute pressure).

Specific limitations for trace components and impurities in LNG

The delivered LNG shall not contain any fluid component (e.g. aromatics, C6H6, CO2, CH3OH, etc.) in a concentration higher than 50 % of the solubility limit in LNG of that particular fluid component in the operating pressure and operating temperature range of respectively 0 to 100 bar absolute and -162 to + 50 °C. C6H6 : max. 1 ppm, CH3OH: max. 0.5 ppm.

The delivered LNG shall not contain any liquid or solid contaminats. The Natural Gas may not contain other elements and impurities (including but not limited to methanol, condensates, gas odorants) to the extent that such Natural Gas cannot be transported, stored and marketed without incurring additional cost for quality adjustment. 

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