Reload your LNG ship in Dunkirk

LNG stored in tanks at Dunkirk can be loaded by small or large-scale LNG ships

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Product description

Both small-scale (from 5,000 m³ of LNG) and large-scale (up to 267,000 m³ of LNG) ship loading operations can be executed at the LNG Dunkirk terminal.

Good to know

  • Maximum reloading flow up to 8,800 m³/hour of LNG.
  • Inerting, gasing up and cooling down upon request.
  • Customers are provided with a list of molecule owners active in our Dunkerque LNG Terminal on demand.



Check availability and book

  1. Check the availability for long term, short term and spot slots.

  2. Contact commercial team in order to become a Dunkirk terminal user via

  3. Subscribe your unloading, storage and regasification service.

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