Quality conversion

Convert high calorific gas (H gas) into low calorific gas (L gas) or convert low calorific gas (L gas) into high calorific gas (H gas).


Want to supply end users in the H gas area with your L gas area entry capacity or vice versa?

With our quality conversion service you can easily transfer gas from one area to another.

Bookable services

H to L conversion

Convert H gas from the H gas area into L gas for the L gas area.

H to L baseload and seasonal load

  • Available all year round
  • Ideal for supplying end users in the L gas area from the H gas area
  • Firm capacity

H to L peakload quality conversion

  • Ideal for coping with peak periods with increased demand for L gas during the winter months (from 1 November to 31 March)
  • To be booked in bundles with partly firm capacity and partly interruptible capacity

L to H conversion

Convert L gas from the L gas area into H gas for the H gas area.

  • Interruptible capacity


How to book this service?

You can first book quality conversion during a subscription window.

H to L conversion

  • Baseload and seasonal load for one gas year at a time (from 1 October to 30 September)
  • Peakload for one or more gas year(s)

L to H conversion for one gas year at a time

How does the subscription window work?

  • You will receive from us an email with an application form, the available quantities and the specific conditions applying to the subscription window
  • Return the completed application form to info.transport@fluxys.com.
  • After the subscription window, allocations will be made based on the requested quantities

Requesting quality conversion outside the subscription window

After the end of the subscription window, we will allocate any remaining quantities on a "First come, first served" basis.

What are the criteria?

For H to L conversion

  • Your application covers the remaining period until 30 September the following year.

For L to H conversion

  • The requested period is at least one week.
  • The requested period does not go beyond the end of the gas year.

How can bookings be made outside the subscription window?

L to H conversion can be requested directly through our Electronic Booking System.
H to L conversion can be requested using our form :

More information about booking Quality Conversion

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