Berthing rights


Berthing rights can be used for the reception of an LNG carrier in accordance with the maritime rules governing the port of Zeebrugge and the unloading of LNG from this carrier once it has been received at the LNG terminal.

Such rights can also be used to load LNG carriers


The berthing right is time-sensitive 

Terminal users must berth and unload their LNG carriers within a window of the first 10 tides (around two and a half days) of the high tide marking the start of a given slot.

Types of berthing rights

Berthing right (included in an unloading slot)

Small-scale berthing right

Additional berthing right

More beneficial than the small-scale berthing right for loads above 13,680 m³

More information about tariffs for LNG Terminalling services


Auch interessant

LNG Terminalling


A slot allows you to unload, store and regasify your LNG within 10 days.

LNG Terminalling

Unloading LNG carriers

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) from anywhere in the world can be transported by LNG carrier to Zeebrugge and Dunkirk and be unloaded there.
LNG Terminalling

Loading LNG carriers

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) stored in tanks at Zeebrugge and Dunkirk can be loaded by small or large-scale LNG carriers.

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