Fluxys Belgium - Call for market interest - Storage auction October 2020


Interested in gas storage? Fluxys Belgium is planning to sell 636 GWh of additional yearly volume in Loenhout via an auction.


More specific

Subject to market interest, we plan to offer 636 GWh of storage volume to the market for the period 15/04/2021 - 14/04/2022 through an auction organized by the beginning of October.

The reserve price will be the regulated tariff for storage volume

Please note that if you don't have any injection/send out capacity yet, you can make use of our 100% interruptible DAM/NNS service.


Planned procedure:

1. Call for market interest;

If enough market interest confirmed:

2. Terms and conditions of the auction will be published on the Fluxys website;

3. Commercial team of Fluxys will contact parties that showed their interest to analyze if all necessary documents for participating in the auction are signed;

4. A demo session of the auction platform will be given to all participants upfront the official auction (exact date will be communicated);

5. Official storage auction (exact date will be communicated).


How to participate ? 

Please fill in this non-binding request form and send it to info.storage@fluxys.com or contact our commercial team to express your interest to participate before 18 September 2020.

In the coming weeks, we will communicate all practicalities including the exact date of the demo session and official auction if market interest in additional storage volume is confirmed.



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